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Executive Members and Group Leaders

David Williams

(Deputy: Teresa Heritage)


Leader of the Council


Strategic policy, national and regional issues, external relations including relations with Hertfordshire’s public sector leaders and corporate communications.

The Economy including relations with Hertfordshire’s business community and leading for the Council on the Local Enterprise Partnership

Cabinet Panel papers are here:

Resources & Performance Cabinet Panel

Ralph Sangster
Bob Deering)


Portfolio: Resources & Performance 


Finance (revenue and capital); property including operational assets, the Rural Estate and the development programme through Herts Living Ltd, technology including data quality and data protection, human resources, organisational development including member training and equalities, legal, democratic and Member services, procurement, registration and citizenship service, coroner service, external audit, assurance (including health & safety).

Customer service including the Customer Service Centre and website.

Trading entities including Hertfordshire Business Services, Herts Catering Ltd and
Herts Living Ltd

Performance management and reporting

Cabinet Panel papers are here:Resources & Performance Cabinet Panel



Teresa Heritage(Deputy:Graham McAndrew)



Children, Young People and Families


(Lead Member for all Children’s Services, including Education, for the purposes of the Children Act 2004). Children’s social care, corporate parenting, Children Looked After, the Virtual School, children’s residential care, fostering and adoption, children’s safeguarding, 0-25 Together including Special Education Needs and Disabilities, early years, children’s centres & childcare, thriving families initiative, youth services, youth offending and youth justice.

Cabinet Panel papers are here:Children, Young People & Families Cabinet Panel

Derrick Ashley  (Deputy: Andrew Stevenson)

  Portfolio: Growth, Infrastructure, Planning and the Economy

Promotion of the Council’s cross-boundary strategic spatial and economic policy objectives, joint working with Local Planning Authorities (LPAs), leading for the Council on key projects/regeneration schemes including the delivery of key employment sites.

Coordination and promotion of the Council’s service requirements to LPAs as part of the local plan process.

Development and maintenance of the County’s Strategic Infrastructure Plan, lead on infrastructure funding and planning obligation policies including a shared viability assessment capability.

Strategic planning policy including relationships with the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Partnership, the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor, London/GLA, sub-national transport bodies and airports, transport planning, passenger transport, the Council’s Total Transport strategy and Lead Local Flood Authority

Development management and enforcement.

Minerals and waste planning policy. 

Cabinet Panel papers are here:

Growth, Infrastructure, Planning & the Economy Cabinet Panel

Terry Douris
Tim Hutchings)


Portfolio: Education, Libraries & Localism


School improvement and standards, school place planning and admissions, relations with maintained schools and academies, Herts for Learning, further and higher education.

Culture including libraries, museums and the arts. 

Localism, volunteering, relations with the voluntary sector, District Council local strategic partnerships, relations with Town & Parish Councils, Armed Forces Covenant Board lead.

abinet Panel papers can be viewed here:Education, Libraries & Localism Cabinet Panel


Terry Hone
Colin Woodward)


Portfolio: Community Safety & Waste Management


Fire & Rescue Service, trading standards and consumer protection, resilience, emergency planning and community safety.

Relations with the Police & Crime Commissioner and the Constabulary, the requirements of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act.

Waste management; leading for the County Council on the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership. 


Cabinet Panel papers are here:Community, Safety & Waste Management Cabinet Panel

Richard Roberts
(Deputy:Andrew Williams)


Portfolio: Public Health & Prevention 


Public Health including health protection, health improvement, health services quality, sport, physical activity, recreation, Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and local information service.

Leading for the Council in respect of demand management initiatives including early intervention, prevention and behavioural change.

Cabinet Panel papers can be viewed here: Public Health & Prevention Cabinet Panel

Phil Bibby
(Deputy:Morris Bright)


Portfolio: Highways & Environment



Highways maintenance; new roads and improvements; major infrastructure delivery; traffic management; road safety (including school crossing patrols and safer routes to schools); street lighting; relationships with other highways authorities and Highways England; provision for cycling and pedestrians; highways development control issues.

Cabinet Panel papers can be viewed here: Highways & Environment Cabinet Panel

Colette Wyatt-Lowe(Deputy:Fiona Hill)


Portfolio: Adult Care and Health


Adult care and safeguarding; domestic abuse; health & wellbeing (excluding public health); Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning service; gypsy and traveller sites:relationships with NHS trusts and commissioning groups serving Hertfordshire; leading for the County Council on the Health & Wellbeing Board and in connection with the Strategiv Transformation Plan.

Cabinet Panel papers can be viewed here: Adult Care & Health Cabinet Panel



Group Leaders Conservatives



David Williams

Group Leader

Teresa Heritage

Deputy Group Leader

Liberal Democrats



Stephen Giles-Medhurst

Group Leader

Paul Zukowskyj

Deputy Group Leader




Judi Billing

Group Leader

Nigel Bell

Deputy Group Leader