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Executive Members and Group Leaders


Robert Gordon

(Deputy: David Williams)

Leader of the Council


Strategic policy including the Corporate Plan; national and regional issues; Hertfordshire Forward; corporate communications.

Cabinet Panel papers are here: Resources & Performance Cabinet Panel

Christopher Hayward

(Deputy: Andrew Stevenson)

Portfolio: Resources & Performance


Cross-cutting theme: business transformation and efficiencies. Finance (revenue and capital); property & technology (including carbon management for County Council estate and operations); human resources and organisational development (including member training); legal and member services; registration and citizenship service; Coroner service; land charges; procurement; external audit; Hertfordshire Business Services; Herts Catering: performance management and reporting; Assurance (including health & safety); data quality; equalities.

Cabinet Panel papers are here: Resources & Performance Cabinet Panel

Derrick Ashley

(Deputy: David Andrews)

Portfolio: Environment, Planning & Transport


Hertfordshire’s built and natural environment; countryside management; Lead Flood Authority; environmental intelligence; rights of way; climate change (excluding County Council estate and operations); leading for the County Council on the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Panel:  strategic planning; waste planning; minerals planning; airport policy: Local Transport Plan; leading for the County Council on the Local Transport Board; passenger transport: leading for the County Council on the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

Cabinet Panel papers are here: Environment, Planning & Transport Cabinet Panel

Terry Douris

(Deputy: Ralph Sangster)

Portfolio: Highways


Highways maintenance; new roads and improvements; major infrastructure delivery; traffic management; road safety (including school crossing patrols and safer routes to schools); street lighting; relationships with other highways authorities and Highways England; provision for cycling and pedestrians; highways development control issues

 Cabinet Panel papers can be viewed here: Highways Cabinet Panel


Teresa Heritage

(Deputy: Fiona Hill)

Portfolio: Public Health, Localism & Libraries


Health protection; health improvement; health services quality; sport and recreation:  Cross cutting theme: localism. localism; volunteering; relations with the voluntary sector; District Council local strategic partnerships; relations with Town & Parish Councils; Hertfordshire Community Covenant: culture (libraries, museums and the arts); adult and family learning; Cross-cutting theme: customer service; customer Service Centre; web site.

Cabinet Panel papers are here: Public Health, Localism & Libraries Cabinet Panel


Richard Roberts

(Deputy:Sara Johnston)

Portfolio: Children's Services


(Lead Member for all Children’s Services, including Education, for the purposes of the Children Act 2004). Children’s social care; corporate parenting; child protection; family placement; children’s residential care; children with disabilities; young people’s services (including Youth Connexions); early intervention; early years, children’s centres & childcare; thriving/ troubled families initiative; youth offending.

Cabinet Panel papers are here: Children's Services Cabinet Panel

Richard Thake

(Deputy: Tony Hunter)

Portfolio: Community Safety & Waste Management


Fire & rescue; trading standards & consumer protection; resilience; community safety; relations with the Police & Crime Commissioner and the Constabulary; the requirements of Counter Terrorism and Security Act: waste management; leading for the County Council on the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership.

Cabinet Panel papers are here: Community Safety & Waste Management Cabinet Panel

David Williams

(Deputy: Morris Bright)

Portfolio: Enterprise, Education & Skills


Economic development; relations with Hertfordshire’s business community; skills for employment; HertfHleading for the County Council on the Local Enterprise Partnership: school improvement & standards; special educational needs; school place planning and admissions; relations with further and higher education.

Cabinet Panel papers can be viewed here: Enterprise, Education & Skills Cabinet Panel

Colette Wyatt-Lowe

(Deputy: John Barfoot)

Portfolio: Adult Care and Health


Adult care and safeguarding; health & wellbeing (excluding public health); gypsy sites: relationships with NHS trusts and commissioning groups serving Hertfordshire; leading for the County Council on the Health & Wellbeing Board.

Cabinet Panel papers can be viewed here: Adult Care & Health Cabinet Panel


Group Leaders


Name Role
Robert Gordon Group Leader
David Williams  Deputy Group Leader

Liberal Democrats

Name Role
Stephen Giles-Medhurst Group Leader
Malcolm Cowan Deputy Group Leader


Name Role
Leon Reefe Group Leader
Judi Billing Deputy Group Leader