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Install a double yellow lines outside Shepherd Primary School and a path across King George V Playing Fields.
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Shepherds Lane is particularly busy at times, especially with parents and young children who have buggies/scooters/bikes with them. There are increasing numbers of people parking inconsiderately/illegally on Shepherds Lane by Shepherd Primary School meaning that it is no longer possible for traffic, especially buses, to pass freely along the road. During school drop off/pick up times there is such a plethora of cars parked that pedestrians are unable to see to cross the road safely and sometimes have difficulty passing cars that are parked on the pavement.

There have incidents where children have been at real risk of severe injury and it is inevitable that there will eventually be a serious accident if the situation is allowed to continue.

Local residents frequently contact the school regarding the parking as they are unable to access their properties and/or are concerned about the safety of the children.

We call upon the council to take steps to make Shepherds Lane (around Shepherd Primary School) safe for cars, buses and pedestrians by providing double yellow lines on Shepherds Lane and a path from the public car park opposite William Penn Leisure Centre to the school gate on King George V Playing Fields to make the area safe.
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Wednesday, 7 June 2017
Friday, 14 July 2017
Shepherd Primary School
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
Road safety is one of the main concerns of many parents when considering their child's journey to school. Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) are keen to support sustainable journeys to school and encourage schools to work closely with the Authority, which will help to unlock access to the Safe Routes to School Programme. To facilitate this, the County Council encourages schools to identify their road safety concerns through the formation of a School Travel Plan, its purpose to examine issues, explore opportunities, and ultimately set out a package of measures and actions to reduce the number of car journeys on the school run and to increase the number of active and sustainable journeys, such as walking and cycling. Having a school travel plan has a number of benefits for the school and the local community. These include a reduction in local congestion, more active and healthy pupils and adults, and an increase in road safety awareness. Plans are written by the school in consultation with its pupils, parents and staff and set out a school's commitment to promoting safe (road safety), active and sustainable travel to and from school. This could include formal yellow line parking restrictions or measures to provide/improve pedestrian facilities and access to and from the school via the King George V playing field adjacent to the school as suggested, with input from Three Rivers District Council who own and manage this land. Three Rivers District Council are due to undertake an extensive survey of parking in this area of Rickmansworth, and residents will be invited to submit their comments and concerns regarding all parking in the area. Any consideration of parking restrictions around the school should wait until the outcome of the wider study is known.
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