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Parking on Ware Road and Surrounding Streets
Petition has closed and a response from the council has been published.

Take steps to make Ware Road (around the Liberty Rise Estate) and surrounding streets IMMEDIATELY safe for cars, buses and pedestrians. 

There is now increased parking on both sides of Ware Road by the Liberty Rise Estate has escalated in the last 6 months, meaning that it is no longer possible for traffic, especially buses and lorries, to pass freely along the road. Plus increased numbers of cars are now parking on Foxholes Avenue, Woodlands Mount and Rowleys Road. 

In the last week there have been 3 major accidents which have demanded a police presence. Local residents are calling on the local authority to provide parking solutions along the Ware Road and surrounding streets to make the area safe, be they residents parking permits or yellow lines. 

We also call upon the council to learn from this issue when granting planning permission, making sure there is adequate parking provision for new homes and not endangering others. 


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Saturday, 11 March 2017
Friday, 7 April 2017
Joanna Pierce
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
Dear Petitioners Parking on Ware Road and Surrounding Streets We have carried out a post-construction safety audit on the changes made to the highway as a result of the development works. This is normal practice for works of this type and complements the pre-construction checks we carry out on the developer’s design. This safety audit has picked up some of the inappropriate parking practices raised in your petition and is recommending some junction protection measures (typically yellow lines around the corners). We are in discussions with the developer about them undertaking the recommended work and will consult those directly affected before any measures are promoted. We regularly receive accident information from the police and use this to help inform our programme of safety engineering works across the county. If further safety measures are required on Ware Road in addition to anything delivered as a result of the safety audit on the development we will consider them via that programme. The provision and operation of residents’ parking schemes are undertaken by East Herts District Council (EHDC). They are also the local planning authority with responsibility for most planning decisions including residential developments and the provision of parking within those developments. We will pass your comments on these matters on to EHDC for their consideration.
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