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Repaint the roadmarkings on the London Colney A414/A1081 roundabout
Petition has closed and a response from the council has been published.


Repaint the roadmarkings on the London Colney A414/A1081 roundabout, as they are nearly non-existant in some places, and very faint in others.

This roundabout has not been maintained in well over 4 years (the last time was due to emergency repairs required after a diesel spillage in 2014 on the A414 west portion), and given this is a key arterial route, this 4 lane roundabout should be repainted on  a regular basis, and not allowed to degrade to the state it is currently. Going by a HCC paper on the  Smallford longabout, there is well over 1000 cars an hour coming through this intersection - which will reduce the lifespan of the roadmarkings considerably, requiring more frequent maintenance.

Currently due to lack of  lines, near collisions are becoming a daily occurrance, with drivers unable to determine where the lanes are, let alone identify the right lane. This is especially so on  the A1081 from St Albans section and the A1081 from M25/London Colney section.

Having  reviewed the  2017/18 plan which has no planned roadworks  for this section ; and having received a notification from lodged faults stating that it is a low priority and no action will be taken, I would like to petition the HCC to include the repainting of the roadmarkings as a priority for this coming financial year, and help reduce the risk of collisions on such a busy intersection, and to include a regular two yearly schedule to keep it maintained and markings visible.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017
Sunday, 12 March 2017
Tracy Rooke
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Hester Coia
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
This roundabout will be re-marked in April 2017
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