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Hertford is worth more than gravel - save our countryside, our water, our air
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We are signing this petition to object to the revised Bengeo Field quarry proposal just outside Hertford (ref PL\0776\16). Although the proposed adjustments are welcome we believe the proposal remains unacceptable and does not address sufficiently the concerns raised by residents during the previous consultation. The threat to the landscape and wildlife remains. The health concerns related to gravel extraction remain. The impact of the quarry on the water supply and highways remains a concern.

    We object strongly to the pleasantly rural character of this part of town being replaced by an industrial eyesore. While the quarry is active this important amenity for North Hertford will be a largely inaccessible gravel pit, and even if restoration proceeds as planned, the resulting “hole” will transform a natural landscape - visible from Hertford, the B158 and the surrounding countryside - to a man-made one forever. The landscape survey and events organised by campaigners provide evidence that hundreds of people use the Bengeo Field for recreation and treasure the landscape and its iconic features, including the “Lonely Oak”.

    Given that the County Council's obligation for the landbank is now satisfied for over 15 years, we believe the quarry proposal needs to be rejected as it would destroy permanently this beautiful area of Hertford's countryside and put at risk local children's and residents' health, Hertford's water supply and the safety of the surrounding highways. 

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    Wednesday, 15 February 2017
    Friday, 21 April 2017
    Stop Bengeo Quarry campaign
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