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provide a zebra or pelican crossing in Garden Walk near to The Greneway Middle School to ensure the safety of all children who attain the school and at present find it very difficult to cross safely given the amount of vehicles that use the road.

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Thursday, 19 January 2017
Friday, 19 January 2018
Sarah Day
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Sarah Day - Petitioner
Tabitha Thorne
Emma Vale
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
03/11/2017 17:47Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Tabitha Thorne Petition Active
17/10/2017 22:17Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Emma ValePetition Active
13/02/2017 09:36 Deborah Jeffery Petition Signed - Sarah Day - PetitionerPetition Active
13/02/2017 09:36 Deborah Jeffery Approver Allocated: Theresa Baker Petition Active
30/01/2017 11:45 Deborah Jeffery Responder Allocated: Theresa Baker Awaiting Approver Allocation
30/01/2017 11:45 Deborah Jeffery Petition ApprovedAwaiting Responder Allocation
18/01/2017 13:41 Sarah Day Petition Submitted: GARDEN WALK SCHOOL CROSSINGPending Approval