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Install a pedestrian crossing on Briars Lane outside Hatfield Community Free School
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Crossing Briars Lane is particularly horrendous at times, especially so with young children who have buggies/scooters/bikes with them and travelling within a group. Particularly during school drop off/pick up times there is a plethora of cars parked that pedestrians are unable to see to cross the road safely.

We request that adequate measures are implemented as a matter of urgency and take the form of a ‘puffin crossing’ in the section of road at a suitable point between Holliers Way and Hillcrest, which will help to ensure safe crossing of the road for all. We believe this will also have the added benefit of slowing the traffic down, as drivers are naturally more inclined to slow down as they approach a pedestrian crossing. This should at least encourage more drivers to keep within the 30mph speed limit.

We feel that the Highways Department has a duty of care to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians crossing this road and we should be grateful for your support to this petition for a pedestrian crossing; please forward on the details to any others who would be interested in expressing their support too.

Separately, if you wish to have your say on this issue which should be addressed by Hertfordshire County Council, please do write email them at
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017
Tuesday, 4 July 2017
Sacha Bedford
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