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Road safety in Bovingdon
Petition has closed and a response from the council has been published.

Improve the road safety along Bovingdon High Street, Hertfordshire. We are parents, family members of children attending and supporters of Bovingdon Primary Academy and Bovingdon Pre school.

At school times, the road is extremely busy. Between 8am and 9am and again between 2.30pm and 4.30pm, 450 children and their parents travel to the busy nursery, infant and primary school. A further 50 travel to the Pre school, also in the High Street between 9am and 12 noon.

There are occasions where the traffic travels too fast for the volume of people and young children walking along narrow pavements. Cars regularly mount the pavement or park dangerously obscuring pedestrians’ sight, in particular children’s sight. There is inadequate signage that a busy Primary school is on the High Street.

There have also been a number of serious road traffic accidents over the past six months which cause us enormous concern. Most recently, a car turned onto its roof in the High Street, a cyclist has been seriously injured when knocked from his bike and pedestrians have been hit by cars travelling too fast. We are concerned that there could be a serious incident with a child unless traffic calming measures and protection of the pavements are improved.  

We would like you to review the road safety measures in place, considering:

  • how best to protect pavements and walkways
  • whether to make the High Street a 20 MPH zone at school times
  • whether to make the traffic warning signs that a school is approaching much bolder and clearer
  • how to maximise the visibility for pedestrians.


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Thursday, 1 December 2016
Tuesday, 28 February 2017
Clare Norton
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
In response to this petition Officers made several visits to Bovingdon at different times of the day including school peak times. Accident Data, speed and volume counts and highway boundary extents were also reviewed. Discussions also took place with the local County Councillor Richard Roberts to seek his views on the issues raised on the petition. During site observations officers observed heavy parking on the carriageway, especially during peak hours, which severely restricted vehicle movements in the areas where the carriageway narrows. The general increase in the width of vehicles is causing real passing and parking difficulties at peak times. During the afternoon peak hour a number of vehicles related to school activities pulled onto the footway in various locations to park, causing an obstruction and forcing pedestrians to walk in the road. Due to the carriageway parking, especially in peak hours, vehicle speeds were observed to be low and this is supported by the speed and volume counts taken in two locations either side of the school over seven days in June 2015. These recorded mean average speeds between 18.5 – 20.6mph during the period between 7am to 7pm. There are school warning signs present in both directions near the Village Stores and at the Old Dean junction with the High Street. There are few waiting restrictions in the village and those present are mainly designed to protect visibility at junctions. It was observed that during peak hours these restrictions were not adhered to. Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) supports parents and schools who wish to increase sustainable journeys to school wherever possible and schools are encouraged to develop their School Travel Plan. Where car journeys to school are unavoidable a variety of measures are available to address parking issues around schools such as the “Road Monster”, which is a campaign designed to address the problems associated with parent parking and driving behavior around schools. Hertfordshire County Council’s Transport Access and Road Safety team are available to support the school with their Travel Plan. Developing and updating a School Travel Plan by identifying issues and barriers to sustainable travel can assist in accessing funding to deliver pedestrian improvements on the highway. This may include consideration of a change to the speed limit in the High Street (although as average speeds are barely above 20mph in peak times this may create unnecessary additional sign clutter) and physical deterrent measures to deal with current footway parking problems. Hertfordshire County Council will also review the signage and lineage in the vicinity of the school to see if there are any opportunities to enhance or upgrade the current provision. 436 signatures were achieved by close of petition on 28/02/2017.
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