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Forward Plans

Key Officer Decision Records 2013

  1. pdf B 001-13 TRO Essex Way, Hoddesdon (101Kb)
  2. pdf B 001-13 TRO Jones Road, Cuffley Hill and Lulworth Avenue, Goff's Oak (104Kb)
  3. pdf B 001-13 TRO Maylins Road & Station Road, Sawbridgeworth (215Kb)
  4. pdf B 001-13 TRO Mildmay Road, Stevenage (129Kb)
  5. pdf B 001-13 TRO Redhoods Way West - Gillison Close, Letchworth (117Kb)
  6. pdf B 001-13 TRO Station Road, Ware (250Kb)
  7. pdf B 001-13 TRO Tattershall Drive & Braemar Turn, Hemel Hempstead (97Kb)
  8. pdf B 001-13 TRO Various Bishops Stortford & Sawbridgeworth (1217Kb)
  9. pdf B 001-13 TRO Various Roads, Bushey (94Kb)
  10. pdf B 00-13 - Provision of Recruitment Advertising & Statutory Notices (83Kb)
  11. pdf B 002-13 Re-contracting with providers od housing related support (78Kb)
  12. pdf B 003-13 Re-Tender for Provision of Older People Housing Related Support, Alarm and Flexicare across Hertfordshire (84Kb)
  13. pdf B 004-13 Provision of Landfill Tax rebate consultancy services - Award of Contract (106Kb)
  14. pdf B 007-13 Appointment of Brokers to a total cost of insurable risk framework (85Kb)
  15. pdf B 011-13 Appointment of one or two new Investment Managers to the Pension Fund (89Kb)
  16. pdf B 013-13 The supply of Dry, Chilled and Frozen Food (71Kb)
  17. pdf B 014-13 Provision of a Treework Service (71Kb)
  18. pdf B 015-13 Proposal to lower the upper age limit of Hormwad CE VA Primary School (72Kb)
  19. pdf B 016-13 - Multiple Works - 13 Schools (HCC1306532) Award of Contract (3901Kb)
  20. pdf B 017-13 - Multiple Works - 5 Schools (HCC1306533) Award of Contract (3609Kb)
  21. pdf B 018-13 - Roofing Works - 6 Schools (HCC1306534) Award of Contract (3784Kb)
  22. pdf B 019 -13 - The Provision of Design & construction of a classroom block at Clappers Lane Watton At Stone (3914Kb)
  23. pdf B 021-13 Proposal to enlarge the premises of Galley Hill Primary School & Nursery, Hemel Hempstead (74Kb)
  24. pdf B 022-13 Chlamydia screening service in primary care (GPs & pharmacies) Award of Contract (87Kb)
  25. pdf B 023-13 Smoking cessation service in primary care (GPs & pharmacies) Award of Contract (88Kb)
  26. pdf B 024-13 Sexual Health Services - Acute Hospitals - Award of Contract (94Kb)
  27. pdf B 025-13 Sexual health services - primary care (GPs & pharmacies) Award of contract (100Kb)
  28. pdf B 026-13 Contraception Services - Acute Hospitals - Award of Contract (91Kb)
  29. pdf B 027-13 Contraception Services - Non Acute Hospitals - Award of Contract (99Kb)
  30. pdf B 028-13 Health checks in primary care - Award of contract (87Kb)
  31. pdf B 029-13 Sexual Health - implanon and specialist sexual health - Award of contract (89Kb)
  32. pdf B 030-13 School Nurses Services - Award of Contracts (86Kb)
  33. pdf B 036-13 Award of contracts for local bus & school transport services in Hertfordshire (101Kb)
  34. pdf B 037-13 Proposals to enlarge the premises of Oxhey Wood Primary School, Watford (76Kb)
  35. pdf B 037-13 Proposals to enlarge the premises of St Helen's Church of England Primary School, Wheathampstead (80Kb)
  36. pdf B 039-13 Hertfordshire Telecare Service (91Kb)
  37. pdf B 041-13 Adoption of Borehamwood & Elstree Urban Transport Plan (73Kb)
  38. pdf B 042-13 Roofing and other works for Oxhey Wood primary school - Award of Contract (2301Kb)
  39. pdf B 043-13 The Supply of Plain Adhesive Labels, Sticky Notes, Hook & Loop & Motivational Items (83Kb)
  40. pdf B 044-13 The Supply of Office Furniture (107Kb)
  41. pdf B 045-13 Proposal to lower the age range of Little Munden CE VC Primary School, Dane End, Nr Ware (71Kb)
  42. pdf B 046-13 To agree the re-procurement of the small vehicle (SVPT) framework (70Kb)
  43. pdf B 047-13 Award of contract for the Provision of Interim Facilities for Final Disposal of Local Authority Collected Waste (242Kb)
  44. pdf B 049-13 - Potten End First School Expansion Programme (HCC1306927) Award of Contract (3828Kb)
  45. pdf B 050-13 - Galley Hill School expansion Programme (HCC1306928) Award of Contract (3846Kb)
  46. pdf B 051-13 - St Catherine's Primary School Expansion Programme (HCC1306929) Award of Contract (3910Kb)
  47. pdf B 052-13 - South Hill School Expansion Programme (HCC1306930) (3850Kb)
  48. pdf B 053-13 - Boiler replacements Batch 12 (Various) (HCC1407116) Award of Contract (3796Kb)
  49. pdf B 055-13 - Window replacement (3 Schools) Batch 14 (HCC1407125) Award of Contract (3780Kb)
  50. pdf B 058-13 - Lanchester Building, Watford (HCC1306986) Award of Contract (3901Kb)
  51. pdf B 059-13 Proposal to close Peartree Spring Junior School (68Kb)
  52. pdf B 060-13 The Supply of Flooring Services (89Kb)
  53. pdf B 061-13 Grounds Maintenance Framework (86Kb)
  54. pdf B 062-13 Provision of Building Cleaning - Areas EA & ED (82Kb)
  55. pdf B 063-13 The Supply of Adhesives and Glitter (89Kb)
  56. pdf B 064-13 Provision of a Household Waste Recycling Service (HWRS) (96Kb)
  57. pdf B 065-13 Whether to initiate a public consultation to close the Primary Support Base, Westfield Primary School, Hoddesdon (88Kb)