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Forward Plans

Key Officer Decision Records 2012

  1. pdf A 081-12 Proposals to enlarge Westfield Community Technology College, Tolpits Lane, Watford (89Kb)
  2. pdf B 006-12 Former Mount Pleasant Depot, Hatfield Commercial Terms for the sale of the property (44Kb)
  3. pdf B 007-12 TRO - Jones Road, Cuffley Hill & Lulworth Avenue, Goffs Oak (94Kb)
  4. pdf B 007-12 TRO Castle Road, Cape Road & Burleigh Road, St Albans (95Kb)
  5. pdf B 007-12 TRO Essex Way, Hoddesdon (3629Kb)
  6. pdf B 013-12 Relocartion of Southfield MLD School to former Howe Dell School playing field site (69Kb)
  7. pdf B 018-12 - Sir Frederic Osborn School (HCC1205386) Award of Contract (3921Kb)
  8. pdf B 019-12 Downfield Primary School, Waltham Cross - Expansion (66Kb)
  9. pdf B 022-12 Appointment of Investment Fund Manager (87Kb)
  10. pdf B 025-12 Self Drive Hire Framework Agreement (88Kb)
  11. pdf B 026-12 Structures Maintenance Framework Agreement (71Kb)
  12. pdf B 028-12 36 Clarendon Road, Watford. Commercial Terms for sale of property (48Kb)
  13. pdf B 031-12 The provision of Communications Services (HCC1306247) (56Kb)
  14. pdf B 034-12 A Drug & Alcohol Supporting Families Service for Hertfordshire (84Kb)
  15. pdf B 035-12 Supply of Paints, Ink & Art Material (114Kb)
  16. pdf B 036-12 Supply of Pens & Markers HS2106 (113Kb)
  17. pdf B 037-12 Tender for the supply of Art, Craft, Display, Sugar and Cartridge Papers Y13062 (82Kb)
  18. pdf B 039-12 Primary Expansion Programme 2 (67Kb)
  19. pdf B 041-12 Relocation of the Dacorum Support Centre (142Kb)
  20. pdf B 042-12 Stevenage Future of Newhaven Elderly Persons Home (69Kb)
  21. pdf B 043-12 The Old Grammar School, Letchworth Garden City (73Kb)
  22. pdf B 045-12 Harpenden Library & Youth Connexions Hub (46Kb)
  23. pdf B 047-12 Adoption of the revised Statement of Community Involvement following public consultation (49Kb)
  24. pdf B 048-12 Contract with Hertfordshire Community Trust (67Kb)
  25. pdf B 049-12 HPfT 3 Year Contract (76Kb)
  26. pdf B 050-12 HIV and Sexual Health Prevention and Support Service (87Kb)
  27. pdf B 051-12 Advocacy Contract woth PoHWER -1 Year Contract Extension (92Kb)
  28. pdf B 052-12 Age UK County Wide Contract - 1 Year Contract Extention (82Kb)
  29. pdf B 053-12 Single Tender with Healthwatch Hertfordshire (90Kb)
  30. pdf B 054-12 Proposal to enlarge the premises of Icknield Infant & Nursery School, Letchworth Garden City (658Kb)
  31. pdf B 054-12 Proposal to enlarge the premises of Parkside Community Primary School, Borehamwood (628Kb)
  32. pdf B 054-12 Proposal to enlarge the premises of Sandridge School, St Albans (620Kb)
  33. pdf B 054-12 Proposal to enlarge the premises of St Michaels Woolmer Green VA C of E Primary School, Knebworth (627Kb)
  34. pdf B 054-12 Proposal to enlarge the premises of The Grove Junior School, Harpenden (617Kb)
  35. pdf B 055-12 Proposal to enlarge the premises of St Marys VA C of E First School, Berkhamstead (641Kb)
  36. pdf B 056-12 Award of Contract - The Provision of professional services for boiler works at 6 schools (Batch 7) (70Kb)
  37. pdf B 057-12 Award of Contract - The provision of professional services for Various Schools - Window Walling Works (Batch 8) (72Kb)
  38. pdf B 058-12 Award of Contract - Roofing works 18 schools (Batch 5) (70Kb)
  39. pdf B 059-12 Award of Contract - A programme of multiple works at 11 schools (Batch 6) (68Kb)
  40. pdf B 060-12 Provision of Broadband Infrastructure - Award of contract (76Kb)
  41. pdf B 061-12 Framework Agreement for the Family Group Conference Service (84Kb)
  42. pdf B 063-12 Revision of Interest Rate regarding deferred payment (140Kb)
  43. pdf B 064-12 Approval of the submission to Department for Eduction of a Schools funding proforma for 2013-14 (171Kb)
  44. pdf B 065-12 - Westfield Community College, Watford - Whether to initiate consultation (56Kb)
  45. pdf B 066-12 Radburn Primary School - Academy (A) (71Kb)
  46. pdf B 066-12 Radburn Primary School - Academy (B) (112Kb)
  47. pdf B 067-12 Award of Contracts under Frameworks Agreement HCC0902320 2013-2014 (92Kb)
  48. pdf B 067-12 Award of Contracts under Framweork Agreement HCC0902320 - 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 (84Kb)
  49. pdf B 069-12 Award of Contract for local bus services in Hertfordshire (119Kb)
  50. pdf B 071-12 - Orchard Primary School, Watford - Whether to initiate consultation (50Kb)
  51. pdf B 072-12 Award of Croxley Rail Link Contract (87Kb)
  52. pdf B 073-12 Short Breaks for Disabled Children Capital Funding from the Department of Education (324Kb)