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Forward Plans

Key Officer Decision Records 2017

  1. pdf B000-17 Lister Hospital Discharge Home To Assess home care - Award of Single Tender Action with Care By Us, Millars Three, Southmill Road, Bishops Stortford, CM 23 3DH (83Kb)
  2. pdf B000-17 Urgent Decision - A602 Improvements - Award of Contract (73Kb)
  3. pdf B000-17 Urgent Decision - Adeyfield School Hemel Hempstead - Electrical Works HCC1709702 (50Kb)
  4. pdf B000-17 Urgent Decision - Allocation of social care grant (57Kb)
  5. pdf B000-17 Urgent Decision - Provision of Treework Service - Award of Contract (54Kb)
  6. pdf B000-17 Urgent Decision - Superfast Broadband Extension Programme (97Kb)
  7. pdf B000-17 Urgent Decision Fearnhill School Letchworth - Boiler Works HCC1709707 (50Kb)
  8. pdf B001-17 Part Bridgewater (81Kb)
  9. pdf B001-17 Part Cowland Leggatts & Meriden Tudor (256Kb)
  10. pdf B001-17 Part High Street and Green Lane Junction, Kings Langley (101Kb)
  11. pdf B001-17 Part Mead Lane, Hertford (95Kb)
  12. pdf B001-17 Part Offley Road, Moormead Close, st Andrews Place, Lyles Row and Storehouse Lane Hitchin (101Kb)
  13. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO B1038 & Halfacre Lane, Great Hormead, Buntingford (130Kb)
  14. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO Hemel Hempstead (91Kb)
  15. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO High Street, Bury Lane, New town and Heath Lane Codicote (84Kb)
  16. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO Horns Road & West Street Hertford (107Kb)
  17. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO Kings Langley (79Kb)
  18. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO Parsonage Lane Bishops Stortford (122Kb)
  19. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO Tring (109Kb)
  20. pdf B001-17 Part PTRO Various Roads Hertfod (151Kb)
  21. pdf B001-17 Part Road Hump Notice Love Lane, Kings Langley 2017 (90Kb)
  22. pdf B001-17 Part South Street, Bishops Stortford (101Kb)
  23. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads Borehamwood (102Kb)
  24. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads Cheshunt (132Kb)
  25. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads Hertford (108Kb)
  26. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads London Colney (1) (150Kb)
  27. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads London Colney (2) (173Kb)
  28. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads, Bishops Stortford (157Kb)
  29. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads, Bushey (160Kb)
  30. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads, Hoddesdon (137Kb)
  31. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads, St Albans (364Kb)
  32. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads, Waltham Abbey (109Kb)
  33. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads, Waltham Abbey (114Kb)
  34. pdf B001-17 Part Various Roads, Ware (117Kb)
  35. pdf B002-17 Prevention of Homelessness Service (16 to 25yrs) via Children's Services, in conjunction with the 10 District & Borough Councils (84Kb)
  36. pdf B003-17 Batch 33 M&E Works Cunningham Hill Infants, Commonswood, Field Junior, Greenside & Thundridge Primary School HCC1609308 Award of Contract (54Kb)
  37. pdf B006-17 Batch 34 Multi Works Ashwell Primary, Bedwell Primary, Hobletts Manor Infants, Nurser & Junior Schools HCC1609341 Award of Contract (55Kb)
  38. pdf B007-17 Batch 36 Roofing Works Various Schools HCC1609342 Award of Contract (59Kb)
  39. pdf B008-17 Batch 37 Asbestos Management Manland Primary School & Rickmansworth Park JMI HCC1609355 Award of Contract (52Kb)
  40. pdf B009-17 Provision of Security Services Award of Contract (49Kb)
  41. pdf B012-17 The Supply & Delivery of School Milk (67Kb)
  42. pdf B013-17 Re-procurement of existing Regional Framework Agreement for Translating and interpreting Services (54Kb)
  43. pdf B014-17 To extend the Shared Managed Services (SMS) contract (in part) by two years from April 2019 to 2021 (95Kb)
  44. pdf B015-17 Potential Provision of electronic document records management software following review of existing solution (114Kb)
  45. pdf B016-17 Aquisition of properties in Hertford in accordance with the Integrated Plan (57Kb)
  46. pdf B017-17 Award of Contract for the Provision of Property Management Services (67Kb)
  47. pdf B018-17 Procurement of the Council's External Insurance Arrangements (66Kb)
  48. pdf B019-17 To award a contract for the provision of an assessor for the Warmer Homes Project (60Kb)
  49. pdf B020-17 Support at Home, Welwyn & Hatfield & Broxbourne Award of Contract.doc (58Kb)
  50. pdf B021-17 Commonswood Primary & Nursery School WGC, Field Junior School Watford & Thunderidge CofE Primary - Mechanical Works Award of Contract (50Kb)
  51. pdf B022-17 Birchwood Nursery School Hatfield & Redbourn Junior School - Mechanical & Boiler (50Kb)
  52. pdf B023-17 Aycliffe Drive Primary School, Goldfield Infants & Nursery, Little Heath Primary School - Mechanical Works Award of Contract (32Kb)
  53. pdf B024-17 Icknield Infants & Nursery Letchworth, Little Hadham Primary School, Roman Way First School William Ransom Primary School - Mechanical Works Award of Contract (51Kb)
  54. pdf B025-17 Housing related support for Domestic Abuse (62Kb)
  55. pdf B026-17 Award of Contract for Provision of Recruitment Advertising and Statutory Notices (70Kb)
  56. pdf B027-17 Extension of Residual Local Authority Collected Waste Arrangements (84Kb)
  57. pdf B028-17 Appointment of a technical advisor for the Residual Waste Treatment Programme (RWTP) (78Kb)
  58. pdf B030-17 Extension of the Contract for Watersdale Waste Transfer Station (65Kb)
  59. pdf B031-17 To decide whether to initiate public consultation to Widford School, Ware Road, Widford (54Kb)
  60. pdf B031-17B-To 'amalgamate' Redbourn Junior School and Redbourn Infant & Nursery School (53Kb)
  61. pdf B032-17 Provision of Apprenticeship Levy Training Provider Framework (70Kb)
  62. pdf B034-17 Dynamic Purchasing System for Laminating Pouches (64Kb)
  63. pdf B037-17 Award of Bridges and Structures Framework Contract (53Kb)
  64. pdf B038-17 To decide whether to initiate consultation on Woodfield School, Malmes Croft Hemel Hempstead (48Kb)
  65. pdf B038-17 To decide whether to initiate public consultation at Haywood Grove Primary School (52Kb)
  66. pdf B039-17 Cleaning, maintenance & display of advertisements on bus shelters in Hertfordshire Award of Consession Contract (112Kb)
  67. pdf B040-17 Aprroval to use Section 106 funding with Onslow St Audrey's Secondary School (58Kb)
  68. pdf B041-17 Highways Client Support Term Contract (48Kb)
  69. pdf B042-17 Proposal to enlarge the premises of St Catherines Hoddesdon VC CE Primary Scholld, Hoddesdon (49Kb)
  70. pdf B042-17 To enlarge the premises of Millfield First & Nursery, Monks Walk, Buntingford, Hertfordshire (48Kb)
  71. pdf B042-17 To enlarge the premises of St Joseph's Catholic Orimary School, Bishops Stortford (49Kb)
  72. pdf B043-17 To agree the statutory proposal to lower the admission age of Tenterfield Nursery School, Welwyn (55Kb)
  73. pdf B044-17 - Breathing Apparatus Contract (63Kb)
  74. pdf B045-17 Aswell Primary School, Bedwell Primary & Nursery Stevenage & Hobletts Manor Infants Hemel Award of Contract (50Kb)
  75. pdf B046-17 Ashwell Primary School, Hobletts Manor Junior School Hemel Hempstead Award of Contract (49Kb)
  76. pdf B047-17 - Supply of Steel Lockers (57Kb)
  77. pdf B052-17 Welwyn Garden City Bus Station Redevelopment (60Kb)
  78. pdf B053-17 HCC1709854 Batch 36 - Package 1 (620Kb)
  79. pdf B054-17 Tender via The Property Works Framework for Roofing Works Batch 36 Package 2 HCC1709855 (59Kb)
  80. pdf B055-17 Tender via The property Works Framework for Roofing Works for Batch 36 Package 3 HCC1709856 (56Kb)
  81. pdf B057-17 Proposal to reconfigure existing services to schools to meet the needs of primary aged children with specific learning difficulties (69Kb)
  82. pdf B061-17 To agree financial arrangements and terms relating to HCC contributions in relation to Cheshunt School (79Kb)
  83. pdf B063-17 - To consult on charging for community based Adult Care Services (78Kb)
  84. pdf B064-17 To dispose of property - 37 Highfield Lane, Tyttenhanger, St Albans (56Kb)
  85. pdf B075-17 Decommissioning the outreach element of the sexual health service provided by Central London Community Healthcare Trust (91Kb)
  86. pdf B076-17 HCC1709928 Walkern Primary School (PEP7) (562Kb)
  87. pdf B086-17 Tender awards for provision of various local bus service contracts starting April 2018 (55Kb)
  88. pdf B088-17 Dynamic Purchasing System for the provision of transport services January 2018 (56Kb)