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Sandy Walkington

Sandy  Walkington
02 May 2013
02 May 2013
Liberal Democrats
St. Albans South
6 Hobbs Hill
07802 177317

Locality Budget Scheme (LBS)

Every County Councillor has a Locality Budget to spend on community projects.

Archive of all Locality Budget (LBS) applications and allocations (2009-2017)

Locality Budget allocations made by Cllr Sandy Walkington for this division (from June 2017)

Highways Locality Budget Scheme (HLB)

Councillors also have a Highways Locality Budget to be spent on highway maintenance in their division.

Archive of all Highways Locality Budget (HLB) allocations (2009-2017)

Highways Locality allocations made by Cllr Sandy Walkington  (from June 2017)


Election History

Thu 2 May 2013  

Party Representation History

PartyRepresentation FromRepresentation To
Liberal DemocratsThu 2 May 2013

Division Representation History

DivisionRepresentation FromRepresentation To
St. Albans SouthThu 2 May 2013

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My front-line role

As the County Councillor for the St Albans South division, I represent one of the most diverse divisions in Hertfordshire, encompassing St Albans Abbey and much of the conservation area, large former council estates side by side with some of the most expensive housing in Britain, the magnificent Verulamium Park and farmland as well.  It is such a beautiful division and it needs to be cherished. 

I am always out and about in the division – either in my electric car or on my bright orange Brompton bicycle.  I keep in touch through regular FOCUS newsletters and e-mail and am pleased to receive invitations to attend local meetings of every shape and size.  I also try to keep up-to-date with the local schools and playgroups and also with the local faith groups.

Personal, professional and political details

I joined the old Liberal Party in 1972, I have served as a district councillor in St Albans and also sought election to Parliament though without success!  I was elected to the county council at the first attempt in 2013. 

I am now retired from full-time employment.  My business career encompassed the oil industry, telecommunications and public transport.  I was Director of Public Affairs at both BT Group plc and Transport for London.

I was born in Scotland and brought up in Gloucestershire but I have lived in Hertfordshire almost continuously since 1981.  Before that I lived in places as varied as London, Berlin, New York and New Orleans.  I am married to Francesca who runs her own architectural practice and we have three grown-up children.

I am a regular panelist on local radio.  I am Vice Chair of Trustees for St Albans Bereavement Matters, I am also involved in a large number of other St Albans and Hertfordshire-based societies and voluntary organisations, and I am active in my church. I am President of St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society (‘The Arc & Arc’)